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Technology and Benefits

We believe the only thing in your water should be great taste.

Utilizing Triple Filtration Technology, EveryDrop® filters are NSF certified to reduce the most contaminants*. Transforming your refrigerator into a fountain of freshly filtered ice and water.

Contaminants reduced** may include:
Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, water borne parasites, metals, minerals, industrial chemicals and more

Water heart

Good for you & your family

Drinking enough water is important to your family’s health. EveryDrop™ refrigerator water filters by Whirlpool® Water reduce chlorine taste and odour so you can enjoy fresh tasting water. Our water filters, with Triple Filtration Technology reduce up to 77 contaminants*.

Water dollar

Good for your wallet

Using a refrigerator water filter instead of bottled water has benefits for your wallet too. In one year you can save over $510 by using your refrigerator water filter instead of purchasing bottled water (based on the purchase of 3,000 plastic water bottles of 500ml)†.

Water bottle

Good for the environment

Using your refrigerator water filter reduces the amount of plastic bottles in our landfills and oceans. Two filters provide you with a year’s worth of fresh-tasting filtered water and can replace over 3,000 water bottles††. Stacked end to end, 3,000 water filters is taller than the height of the CN Tower.

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